Premium Sofa Cleaning Services

After a hectic day at work, you would like to fondle on your sofa while switching the TV channels. But your upholstered furniture is probably among your most neglected possessions, even though it is the most-used furniture in your house. Do you wonder to know that how much pollution your sofa and mattress is exposed to. They are regularly being exposed to sweat, bacteria, dust, food crumbs etc. By cleaning your sofa twice in a year will give it a new life and it might have fewer chances of health hazards.

We are a team of experienced and accomplished sofa and mattress cleaners in Dubai that will not only remove all the detritus from your sofa but also steam clean the sofa by using our quality cleaning products. We offer the best and cheap sofa cleaning services in Dubai that are pocket friendly in price and simply unbeatable in the whole market as of yet.

High-Quality Products

We use powerful Vacuum cleaners to remove dust, sand, food crumbs, and other particles from the surface of the sofas. In addition an effective chemical liquid is used to remove the stains and spots so your sofa looks fresh and smells fresh.

Wealth of Experience

Our cleaners are well-experienced in their work of sofa cleaning. They will take care your upholstery as our professional cleaners have years of experience in their career. Our trained cleaners are keen-eyed when it comes to spot the dust and other unwanted material that laying around.


Our cleaners with arrive at your place at the time that you have mentioned them to arrive. The experience of these cleaners will ensure that the sofa cleaning will be done on giving time.


The best part of our services is cost-effectiveness. Our rate of cleaning is low as compared to other cleaning agencies in Dubai. Our sofa cleaning service believes though the price might be cheap but the standard of the cleaning is never compromised.


Reliability comes first. That is why we focus on hiring reliable and trustworthy staff so when they arrive at your home to serve you in best way possible, you don not worried about the safety of your family members and home. Reach out to finest cleaning company in Dubai to have reliable cleaners for the job.