Everyone in Dubai is leading a busy life. You don’t have enough time to spend on cleaning and other housework which might slow down your progress in this faced paced city, that’s why you need a helper in managing house cleaning, ironing, and laundry etc. Your search for ideal housekeeping services with dedicated maids are over. We offer professional maid cleaning services in Dubai that sets in your budget.

Duct Gets Dirty Easily!

Air pollution is not only an outdoor problem. A recent scientific study has shown that, air inside 9 out of 10 houses is more contaminated than the air outside. The main contributors to indoor air pollution are the dust and contaminants that get caught in a home’s ductwork.

What Air Duct Contains

Your air duct systems carry everything from dust, bacteria-laden particles and mold, to pet hair and dander. All of these contaminants may affect Indoor Air Quality. Marhabahatta offers professional air duct cleaning that makes the air clean for you and your family to breathe the best it can be.

Even Insects Are Living There

Lizards, pests, and other insects can be there in your duct system and all of them can cause an unhealthy environment. Air ducts can also be coated with dirt, grunge, and dust. You can get rid of these accumulated pollutants by duct cleaning service and it can be very helpful if any of your family members have allergies, asthma, runny nose, coughing, congestion or any other unexplained illness. Once your ducts are cleaned, only fresh and clean air will be passed through your heating and cooling vents.

Marhabahatta offers quality duct cleaning service that can remove the dust from your air duct system and is the most effective way to eliminate accumulated air duct pollutants.